Contractor Accommodation In Doncaster

Here’s why you should stay with The Home Crowd

Whether you’re an employer, accommodation coordinator or a contractor, finding the right digs is never easy. There’s a fine balancing act to be made between cost, convenience and comfort, and many options rarely tick all three of those boxes. The Home Crowd is different. We’re committed to providing the best contractor accommodation in Doncaster, whatever your occupation or trade, and in this blog we outline the reasons why.

Affordable luxury

When comparing our pricing to nearby Bed & Breakfasts or hotels that offer contractor accommodation in Doncaster, you’ll notice we’re extremely competitive. Yet, just because we can compete on cost, doesn’t mean we scrimp on the quality. All of our apartments are new build apartments kitted out to a high specification with flat screen TVs, entertainment systems, fully furnished kitchens and comfortable furniture. All apartments come with laundry facilities and a dishwasher, and we can make cleaning arrangements to suit your needs at an additional cost.

Finding the balance of comfort, convenience and cost.

Parking availability

One important aspect of contractor accommodation that we’ve got ticked is parking. Many of our apartments are situated on purpose built estates and come with a parking space included. This is especially important for contractors with vans who may need to unload tools overnight. Any of our apartments that don’t have a parking space still benefit from ample roadside parking in the nearby vicinity.

Long term discounts

All of our guests can benefit from discounts when booking over a longer period of time. This can be especially useful for companies deploying contractors on longer term projects in Doncaster or South Yorkshire. To find out more about our pricing for any of your long term requirements, simply contact us today.

Home from home

Where our properties separate us from other contractor accommodation is our homely appeal. All of our apartments offer enough room to have a quiet night in, relaxing on the sofa in front of the TV. We also have a fully furnished kitchen which allows contractors to cook their own food and stay healthy on the road. Finally our beds offer maximum comfort for a quality nights sleep.

Contact today to find out more about our discounts for longer term stays

Room for multiple people

Another way that our accommodation allows businesses to save money is by splitting the rooms. Some of our apartments have multiple bedrooms, whilst others have sofa beds and other space to spread out. It doesn’t matter whether one or two people stay in an apartment, the price is the same.

Great transport links

All of our apartments offer excellent transport links for the rest of Doncaster, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. Doncaster is situated near the M18, which connects the M1 to the M62 and offers excellent access to the countryside around North Lincolnshire where other contractor accommodation opportunities may be sparse. Doncaster is a perfect hub if you’re working anywhere across the region, whilst it also has an airport and train station. 

Nearby entertainment

After a long day at work, it’s always good to unwind. Luckily many of our apartments are situated near to a number of pubs and restaurants to suit all tastes. The majority of our town centre apartments are adjacent to an entertainment centre that features Nando’s, a cinema and a Brewers Fayre pub. The racecourse is also only a stone’s throw away if you’re lucky enough for your stay to fall on the same night as an evening meeting. Venture further into town and you’ll find an even bigger choice of bars and restaurants just 15 minutes down the road.

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